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  • How can I subscribe to Yakaygo's platform?

To subscribe, you simply need to fill out the form, a member of the Yakaygo team will therefore get in touch with you to create your account and put your activities online. Subscribing and having access to all of our services is totally free. There is no monthly or annual subscription and you can leave the platform at any time.


  • Which documents should I give to create my professional account?

To finalize the creation of your account, you will need to send us your bank details, a copy of your ID/passport, an insurance certificate and your diploma(s).


  • How can I create my professionnel account?

Once registered on the platform and once we have received all of your documents, your business account is automatically created. Just "submit an offer" and add the description and photos of your activities. A member of the Yakaygo Marketing team can do it for you !


  • Do I have access to a personal interface on Yakaygo?

Once registered, you have access to your own personal interface. You can manage your messages, listings, bookings, comments and invoices from your professional account, completely for free.


  • How can Yakaygo brings me customers?

By writing a good description of your activities along with beautiful photos, your activities will attract more people. The descriptions of your activities are also written in English to reach even more people. In addition, we use Marketing tools to make sure that your activities will show up the first page of Google results.


  • How can I get my invoices?

All of your invoices are available from your personal interface. You can also download them in pdf.


  • How will I get notified from a booking request?

 When a customer wants to book your activity, you will be notified of this request by mail and also in your personal space.


  • Can I refuse a booking request?

 Of course. If you no longer have availabilities for the requested date and time, you can decide to refuse the booking request.


  • Which services will I benefit from?

Yakaygo is offerring you:

✓ A professional and personal interface

✓ A support on writing clear and detailed descriptions of your activities which perfectly informs customers on the specificities of a booking. The descriptions are written in French and English.

✓ An effective communication about your activities on social media and on our blog. We also offer our photos and videos services (on request).

✓ An important and professional support for the customers and their requests regarding the activities.

✓ A precise monitoring of the evolution of your bookings.


  • Why does feedback matter?

Thanks to the feedback, your activities will be well referenced on our platform. 88% of users check the reviews before buying. An activity with several positive feeback will attract more people! We contact customers a few days after the activity occurred to get their opinion and put the feedback on your activities list.


  • Can I directly communicate with the customer?

Of course. Once you have received a booking request you can exchange with the customer on your personal account before confirming the booking. Once you accept the booking request, you will receive the customer's email address and phone number.


  • What happens if the customer wishes to cancel the activity?

 In your personal interface you must indicate your cancellation policy. You have the choice between two cancellation policies:

✓  A flexible cancellation policy (If the customer cancels < 2 days, then 0% of the amount will be refunded.If the customer cancels > 2 days, then 100% of the amount will be refunded).

✓ A strict cancellation policy (If the customer cancels < 7 days, then 0% of the amount will be refunded. If the customer cancels > 7 days, then 100% of the amount will be refunded).


  • What happens if the customer does not show up on the day of the activity?

If the customer arrives late, or does not show up, then no refund can be granted. The money will of course be credited to your account.


  • When and how will I receive my money?

 Once the customer has booked your activity, the money is directly transferred to a secure payment solution. Every 2 weeks, the payment of your activities is directly trasnfer to the bank account of your company.


  • How can I modify/add some informations on my activities descriptions?

 You have access to an interface which is very easy to use. You can at any time change the description of your activities, availabilities, add photos, etc. A member of the Yakaygo team can also do it for you !


  • Can I modify the calendar of availabilities for my activities?

Yes and it's very easy, in your personal interface, you have access to a calendar that allows you to modify at any time the availabilities and schedules of your activities.


The Yakaygo team is waiting for you !

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