Become a partner of Yakaygo

Your professional account

Your interface on Yakaygo

✓ A personal and professional interface

Yakaygo gives you the opportunity to create a professional and personal interface dedicated to all of your activities.

✓ Clear categories

On your interface you will be able to create your profile with your personal details and bank details, your activities, all the comments you received, all your payments, invoices and messages exchanged with customers.

Your offers

✓ Describe your activities

In the "listing" tab you will find all the activities you have decided to put online. These activities are available in French and English. The description and photos can be updated at any time.

The price that is showed is identical to the price of your activity. This means that if you offer a rafting session for 45 € / person, the price will be the same on the platform, it is the price that the customer will pay. Our fee will be deducted after the booking is completed.

✓ 5/5 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Feedback matter ! Thanks to the customer reviews, your activities will be well referenced on our platform. 88% of users check the reviews before buying. An activity with several positive feedback will attract more people! We contact the customers a few days after the activity occurred to get their opinions and put the feedback on your listings.

Your bookings

✓ I accept the booking request

All requests for booking are grouped in the "Bookings" tab. On each request is indicated the name of the activity, the date and the number of participants. You are also notified of this request by email. To accept the booking request, simply click on "accept" to validate the booking. Once accepted, the booking request goes into "Paid" status.

✓ I refuse the booking request

If you no longer have availability on the date or time chosen by the customer, you can refuse the booking request. Before refusing the request, you can exchange messages with the customer in your personal interface to perhaps agree on a different time. Once refused, the booking request appears with the "refused" status.

Your invoices

✓ A secured online payment

You have access to all of your invoices on your personal account in the tab "payments" and you can download them. Each line corresponds to a booking you have received. You can check the booking number, the date of the transfer, the amount (including taxes), the status "to do, validate or refunded" and finally, the invoice to download.

✓ Your compensation

The payment for your activities is directly transferred to your company's bank account every 2 weeks.

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